We are people of enormous power and influence over the open web.

I empower digital professionals to use that power wisely.

Hello world. I’m Heather Burns. As a tech policy and regulation specialist, I educate the makers of the web on the policy issues which impact their work, inspire communities to participate constructively in the regulatory sphere, and represent the tech sector in the advocacy processes which shape the web.

I currently provide policy advisory, strategy, consultancy, and engagement for a range of tech policy, digital rights, privacy, digital agency, and game sector clients on UK and European legislative issues.

I also work with Coadec, the UK’s independent advocacy body for tech startups and scaleups, as a Policy Fellow on internet regulation. I lead on their responses to the age appropriate design code, the online harms white paper, digital identity verification, Brexit, and the odd legislative surprise.

A former web professional with a lifelong passion for privacy, I’m the author of a forthcoming book on privacy for developers being published by Smashing Magazine.

You can hire me to support your work.