Clarifying the Consumer Rights Directive across Europe

The EU has released an official guidance document to accompany the text of the law. It has been written clarify various sections and areas of the Consumer Rights Directive.

The guidance document is 79 pages long (.pdf, 1.72mb) and has been written by EU solicitors. Have fun with that…

Meanwhile, in the land of plain English, Solicitors Osborne Clarke have published a useful guide to differences in implementations of the Consumer Rights Directive across Europe. As I discussed in the e-book, member states have the rights to include their own enhanced consumer protection laws within their implementations of the EU directive.

Osborne Clarke also published a timeline of current and upcoming consumer protection legislation in the UK, however I chose not to include it in the Resources section as the timings have changed since its publication last November, making the article somewhat outdated. It still provides a good overview.

As for the actual national implementations across Europe, this is the best we can do. If you have links to the native language implementations for any of these countries, please let us know by leaving a comment on this post.

AT –

BE – 29 Nov / 21 Dec / 30 Dec –

BG –

HR –

CY – 8 Nov – Ο περί των Δικαιωμάτων των Καταναλωτών Νόμος του 2013 [133(I)/2013]

CZ – 20 Nov ? –
– but this document might not actually be the CRD.

DK – 17 Dec –

EE –

FI – 30 Dec – Laki kuluttajansuojalain muuttamisesta [1211/2013] and Lag om ändring av konsumentskyddslagen [1211/2013]

FR – 17 Mar –

DE – 27 Sep – Bun­des­ge­setz­blatt and proceeding

GR – 13 Aug –

HU –

IE – 11 Dec –

IT – 21 Feb / 11 Mar – Attuazione della Direttiva 2011/83/UE sui diritti dei consumatori, recante modifica delle Direttive 93/13/CEE e 1999/44/CEE e che abroga le Direttive 85/577/CEE e 97/7/CE and pdf

LV – Noteikumi par distances līgumu

Patērētāju tiesību aizsardzības likumā

LT – 3 Jan –

LU – and

MT – 17 Dec –

NL – 11 Mar / 3 Apr –

PL – Draft –

PT – 14 Feb –

RO –

SK –

SI –

ES – 28/29 Mar –

SE – 12 Dec – Various amendments to:

UK – See my Links and Resources page.