Presentation: What’s new in web design and development law

On 28 June I had the privilege of speaking at WordCamp Manchester about what’s new in web design and development law. Mike Little and Jenny Wong did a superb job of organising the conference and the day had something for everyone from beginners to experts.

I was very impressed to learn that a few people had read my book in advance and came to the conference with informed questions at the ready!

The topics I spoke about included

  • the Consumer Rights Directive
  • the EU cookie law
  • the BPAS web site hack and data protection fine
  • Nominet’s crackdown on domain privacy

This presentation, which is not legal advice, was aimed at web designers and developers in the UK.

Links and resources referenced in the presentation

Further thought: After The Disaster

I welcome suggestions from conference attendees on what they would like me to write about next.