Who’s a naughty shopping cart then?

On 28 June I had the privilege of giving a presentation on new developments in web design & dev law to a specialist audience at WordCamp Manchester. The talk included an explanation of the Consumer Rights Directive.

One keen conference attendee who had bought the book in advance struck up a conversation with me before I had even delivered my talk. He said that a certain popular shopping cart plugin had a shortcode option which allows additional items to automatically be added to the shopping cart – a tactic which, as you know, is now illegal under the Consumer Rights Directive.

We’ve both contacted the shopping cart developer and they have said they are going to look into the law. That said, a quick Google search revealed a similar shortcode for another popular cart.

If you are a shopping cart developer, please remember that it’s now illegal in Europe to automatically add items to a consumer’s shopping cart. You don’t want to be getting your cart users in legal hot water over a shortcode or a script, so please modify your carts accordingly.