ICO’s Summer 2014 #cookielaw update

The Information Commissioner’s Office, the UK government agency which polices the EU Cookie Law in the UK, has released the statistics on cookie law reports they received in the 2nd quarter of 2014. As you know: this follows on from their Spring 2014, Winter 2014, Autumn 2013, Summer 2013, Spring 2013, and 2012 aggregate reports.

During the second quarter ICO received a total of 38 submitted complaints. These 38 complaints continue a steady drop from the 65 received during the spring quarter, 52 from the winter 2013 quarter, 73 from the autumn quarter, and 75 from last summer’s quarter.

As always, the number of complaints received does not mean that there were 38 cookie law violations or privacy issues. It simply means that ICO received 38 submitted complaints. As far as the veracity of those 38 complaints goes, ICO have once again had to inform the public that

Many of the concerns received about cookies did not relate to individual sites or provide specific information about non-compliance.

They conclude their could-fit-into-a-tweet report by noting that none of the sites they reviewed this quarter raised any cause for concern.

I wrote a quick piece for WPContent this week on everything you need to know about the cookie law in five minutes. It’s much more interesting, if I do say so myself.

Bar chart showing decreasing cookie law reports by quarter.
ICO’s graph showing cookie law reports by quarter. The first two bars on the left indicate how many complaints were written in advance of the law taking affect by people just waiting to grind an axe, complain about someone they didn’t like, or get one up over on a competitor.