Good Consumer Rights Directive compliance

By now you know that the Consumer Rights Directive bans the practice of automatically adding additional items to a consumer’s shopping cart.

When I wrote that section of the book, I cited domain name registrars as being particularly guilty of that practice.

One particular registrar came to mind, as did the numerous domains I had to manually remove from my shopping cart every time I used their service. The practice led me to take my business elsewhere.

I had a peek at their web site this week to see if they had gotten the message about the Consumer Rights Directive and lo and behold! They have seen the light!

Modal box offering you the opportunity to buy additional domains which would have been automatically added before

Three months ago that .uk domain variant would have been automatically added to the shopping cart. Now, a modal window explains what it is and offers you the opportunity to purchase it – but only if you want to.

Credit where credit is due – that’s really good compliance.