Quiz yourself on Consumer Rights Directive compliance

Just for fun, here are a few screen grabs which Harry Brignull shared with me. These were sent to him by readers of his blog who were unsure whether these web sites met CRD compliance.

Quiz yourself! The answers are below each image. You may have to click on images to view them full size.

1. This anti-virus software adds a physical backup CD to your order at checkout. Is this compliant?




Answer: As you can see by the dollar signs, this is a transaction being carried out on an American web site. The CRD does not apply.


2. This software download offers a deluxe version as standard. A non-enhanced basic version can be downloaded in a separate link which is provided separately with poor colour contrast. Is this compliant?


Dark pattern?



Answer: As this is a free download with no financial obligations, the CRD does not apply.



3. This checkout process has a pre-ticked box which signs you up to products and offers. Is this compliant?

Dark pattern?

Answer: As with the second example, this is a signup for a free email service with no financial obligations. The CRD does not apply.



4. This airline assigns seats on your flight by default and tells you to ‘accept these seats’. What they do not tell you is that this adds a charge to your bill. You have to remove the seats to remove the cost. Removing seats means they assign you a seat at the departure gate with no extra cost. Is this compliant?

Dark pattern?



Answer: No. They need to clearly state that selecting seats incurs an extra cost and break those costs down.


Have you seen something that you’re not too sure of? Send it my way and I’ll add it to this post.