Early numbers on #VATMOSS registrations

Important VATMOSS update
In December 2017 the European Commission approved a package of reforms to the VATMOSS system. Please visit the VATMOSS resource page for more information. The below post, which is now outdated, will remain here as an archive.

Interesting stuff this. The deadline for MOSS registrations for European e-commerce sales made after 1 January was the 10th of February, a fortnight ago. Here is the result of that deadline:

That’s for all of Europe.

That is shockingly low.

No information was provided on what sort of companies those 7000 registrants were – Amazons or kitchen table traders? – or what revenues they paid in. At the stage in the law’s existence where its revenues will be paying for its own setup and compliance costs, that information is important.

I would be very curious to see the breakdown of where the 6500 EU registrations came from by country. After all, as the EU VAT Action campaign has noted, “other EU Member States and the EU Commission are still insisting that this is a UK-only problem – because that is where most of the noise is coming from.”

Wouldn’t it be funny if it’s a “UK only problem” because UK traders are the only ones complying?

2 thoughts on “Early numbers on #VATMOSS registrations

  1. As someone who lives on the other side of the pond, it has always seemed to me that the UK folks often are the only ones who comply, and the rest all seem to get away with not complying.

    • You need to be careful of thinking that a lack of visible information equals a lack of compliance – the material you’re looking for simply isn’t in English and is being discussed in fora other than the ones we’re personally used to viewing.

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