Contract talks for web professionals

Two excellent WordCamp presentations on contracts have been posted to

The first talk was given by Chrissie Scelsi at WordCamp Miami 2015 and is called “Contract Basics for Web Professionals.” While the talk is geared towards an American audience, most of it is general advice applicable to any location.

Chrissie talks about written discussions which are not contracts per se, such as Skype instant messages and email, constituting acceptable forms of a written contract. These things are considered contracts in some countries but not in others, so be sure to double check where you are.

You can watch Chrissie’s talk here.

The second talk was given by Louise Leduc Kennedy at WordCamp Boston 2015. The talk, “Contracts and Copyright for WordPress Gurus”, is more specifically geared towards a US audience.

You can watch Louise’s talk here.

This blog’s post on what goes into a good web design contract continues to be very popular. Let me know if you have any questions or areas you think I should clarify in the post.