Have your say on the UK’s digital strategy #ukdigistrategy

Digital consultations are digital! The UK government has set up on open and surprisingly down-to-earth consultation on what steps they need to take to help grow the digital economy. They are taking your suggestions up until 19 January.

There are two suggestions I would make under the heading of “digital growth”:

  1. The UK standard industry classifications, those 1948 taxonomies used to measure all economic activity in the UK, still don’t include the digital economy. As a result, the digital economy is not accurately counted in forward planning and in impact assessments for digital laws. These taxonomies need to be reviewed and updated at least every other year, not once a generation.
  2. If the UK government wants to win the admiration of digital professionals overnight, they should ban the use of cheques for business payments. In 2016 no one should have to take out a payday loan because they are waiting for a piece of paper to move through a clearinghouse. I’m also sick of unprofessional clients disappearing off on their jollies leaving unpaid invoices which can’t be paid until they return, as they are also cheque signatories. I once had to wait three months to get paid because of that. Enough is enough.

What would your suggestions be for a better digital economy?