Would you like a free guide to freelance accounting?

Book coverI’ve contributed a small but clever tip to a new book, A Field Guide to Freelancer Finances, which is being published very soon by the Edinburgh-based accountancy software provider FreeAgent. I’ve been lucky enough to see a preview and it really is gorgeous.

When I started out as a freelancer nine years ago I found two things to be very frustrating:

  1. Accountancy and finance advice for n00bs was written on the presumption that your business had employees and payroll, and that you sold physical stock; accounting software worked on the same presumption.
  2. Accountancy and finance advice presumed you had an in-house accountant.

There was simply nothing for people like me, and so I spent my first year of freelancing bumbling along with Excel spreadsheets and even a paper ledger. Thankfully, along came FreeAgent, which was the software the self-employed had been crying out for.

A Field Guide to Freelancer Finances is the book that I wish I’d had when I had started up. It’s written for today’s digital economy, not yesterday’s factories.

You can reserve your free copy of the book today and also give FreeAgent a free try.

About the author
Heather Burns is a digital law specialist in Glasgow, Scotland. She researches, writes, publishes, consults, and speaks extensively on internet laws and policies which affect the crafts of web design and development. She has been designing and developing web sites since 1997 and was a professional web site designer from 2007-2015. She holds a postgraduate certification in internet law and policy from the University of Strathclyde. Learn about hiring Heather to write, speak, or consult.