Get involved with these UK digital law consultations

March is a bumper month for public consultations – your chance to have a say in legislation and policies affecting your work.

  • ICO is running a consultation into privacy notices. Everyone is in agreement that 10,000 word legal notices pasted out of a boilerplate template are no longer good enough. The question is what to replace them with, and how. The consultation runs until 24 March.
  • BIS is running a similar consultation into terms and conditions, running until 25 April. Tick this box to confirm you’ve just read this sentence. You get the idea.
  • If you work in the adult industry, you’ll want to note this consultation on age verification checks for adult content on web sites. The consultation runs until 12 April.
  • Buried in this government-speak consultation on “Creative Industries Economic Estimates: Proposed Developments” is an incredibly critical thing: the under-counting of small- and microbusinesses in the creative sector, and their lack of a place in the UK’s economic statistical taxonomies, an omission I’ve been shouting about for years. This could be the web profession’s chance to be literally counted in the figures that matter. The consultation closes on 26 April.