Last day to have your say on the next cookie law

Today (Tuesday 5 July) is the last day to have your say in the EU’s consultation on the next iteration of the cookie law. The consultation has been open for the past twelve weeks.

The consultation is open to all, whether you are within the EU, not sure if you’re in the EU, or outside the EU. Your feedback and input are critical regardless of your role on the web.

You can read the background document here and contribute your submission here.

Don’t forget that if you continue to do business in Europe, you will still be required to comply with this next iteration of the cookie law regardless of any eventual Brexit. For that reason, it’s critically important for you to have your say.

One quick tip: the survey reflects the original directive which created the cookie law. This was a catch-all piece of legislation which dealt with a range of issues like itemised billing on invoices and automated call forwarding in addition to e-privacy. You don’t have to answer those questions. Just answer the ones on cookies and online privacy.