Month: August 2016

Seriously. Don’t join a fake web industry body to get a membership badge. Here’s why.


There was a bit of chatter yesterday regarding yet another dubious outfit, promoting itself as an “official” web design and development industry body, phoning around looking for membership signups. This organisation, and the people behind it, have history, and not in a good way. If these people showed up at a networking event, you would think less of the networking group. They’re that kind of outfit. On a comment thread about this particular organisation, one […]

Should screen readers be detectable in analytics?

Accessibility / Privacy

Over at the PowerMapper blog I’ve explored both sides of a great debate: should screen readers be detectable in analytics? It’s an issue that pits accessibility against privacy, with legal complications thrown in for fun. While the technical difficulties of the question make it a pub discussion rather than reality, it’s still a question worth exploring. I want to thank everyone who supplied quotes and insight on the issue. They made this a fascinating piece […]