Section 508 is coming. This is not a drill.

Pigs were spotted flying over America yesterday afternoon when it emerged that the US Access Board has approved the final rule on the Section 508 refresh.

This is, of course, the modernisation of the web accessibility standards used in US Federal government web sites, replacing the 1998/2000 pre-WCAG desktop standards which remain legally binding today.

Accessibility professionals can view the final rule here.

From here, the refreshed rules go to the Office of Management and Budget, which has 90 days to rubber stamp them. That will put things very close to the holiday break and the beginning of 2017, but there is no reason you cannot begin working towards the new standard right now.

The Section 508 refresh process began in 2006. (This is the point where I always feel obliged to clarify that date isn’t a typo. Remember when the World Cup was in Germany? Yeah. That long.) You can read my longread on the whole sorry drama here.

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