Tell the House of Commons how Brexit will impact your digital work

This. is. important.

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee of the House of Commons is launching an inquiry into the impact of Brexit on the creative industries, tourism and the digital single market.

In plain English, the House is asking digital professionals and businesses to tell them how Brexit is impacting the way you work in Europe, and what decisions the referendum is forcing you to make about your future.

If you need to read up on the UK’s position within the EU’s digital single market strategy, here’s one I made earlier.

In your inquiry response, the House wants you to address issues like:

  • The UK digital sector currently is worth £118 billion a year; 43% of UK digital exports go to the EU.  How has UK membership of the EU helped to shape the Digital Single Market to date?
  • What are the fears and advantages arising from the UK being outside the developing Single Market?
  • What will happen to companies that have used the UK as a base for sales within the Single Market?
  • What should happen in relation to copyright after the UK leaves the EU?

As the DSM strategy includes issues of privacy (cookies), taxation (VATMOSS), and intellectual property (copyright), there is some aspect of this inquiry which touches upon your work, even if you don’t immediately realise it.

The Committee needs your answers, on this page, by Friday 28 October.

I would love to see larger digital agencies and platforms responding to this, in addition to individuals and industry groups. If you need me to help you with your response, get in touch.

I know consultation responses are painful and tedious but this is how democracy works. If you don’t speak up to have your say, don’t complain when the ensuing decisions – and legislation – don’t go your way.