Speaking at Drupal Europe…twice

My business cards say “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu”, but this is taking it a bit literally. A last-minute schedule change has seen me added to Drupal Europe’s panel on the future of the open web, where I’ll be joining Dries Buytaert from Drupal, Barb Palser from Google, DB Hurley from Joomla, and Tim Lehnen from the Drupal Association.

I am not there representing any project or company – just myself – and I will be sharing my views on policy, privacy, and open source responsibility.

Thank you Dries for the invitation, and, erm, thank you to the two individuals who vacated their seats.

I can’t help but recall my first international conference talk at WCEU Seville in 2015, which was a last minute shock owing to a speaker taking ill. That accidental speaking opportunity changed my life. Full circle?

At Drupal Europe I will also be re-staging our WordCamp Europe 2018 talk on developing for privacy and data protection, which focuses on acknowledging the very different cultural and legal views which open source contributors bring to projects, and finding common ground to overcome them.

When not speaking I’ll be hanging out in the Open Web Lounge, where I’m looking forward to discussions on cross-platform and project opportunities for collaboration. Come say hello.

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