What’s In My Diplomatic Bag, 2018 Edition

I have two happy developments to report from my accidental, unpaid, and very much loved role as an envoy between developers and policymakers.

The first is this public summary of our proposed cross-open source CMS privacy working group, published by Chris Teitzel on Drupal.org, with input from far and wide. We are incredibly excited about the potential for this group to give open source volunteers a space to learn from each other, share our experiences, pool resources, and raise the standard of privacy for over 70% of the sites on the open web.

The second is a speaking announcement: I have been invited to give a talk at the annual conference of the UK’s National Association of Data Protection Officers at the end of November. For those who have seen my talk for developers on differing cultural approaches to privacy, this is turning the talk on it head for the opposite audience. Speaking from my personal and professional experience in advocating privacy within open source projects, my aim is to help full-time, professionally qualified, and well-compensated privacy professionals to understand the very different starting point that those of us implementing privacy on the code level begin from, and to suggest ways that we can better support each other for the benefit of our users.

I also have a Christmas surprise coming up for you all, and it’s not a lump of coal. No spoilers.

You people don’t know what a diplomatic bag is, do you.