Month: December 2018

Lessons from the road: raising awareness of data protection and privacy in open source projects


In late November I was honoured to be asked to speak at the annual conference of the National Association of Data Protection Officers in London. My slides are available to view here. I was the only non-lawyer on the schedule, and also the only one with no employer or backing institution. For once, I did not mind being the edge case. The audience was full-time salaried data protection professionals, mostly based in central London, and […]

Quoted in The Register

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Heather Burns, an internet law expert who helps firms work towards compliance, said that GDPR has drawn a stark line in the sand between certain kinds of businesses. “It’s made it clear which companies have awakened to privacy-by-design as a powerful tool for user empowerment, and are using GDPR as a launchpad for innovation – and which were only ever interested in using GDPR as a marketing angle for PR campaigns that ended on 26 […]