The era of sociopaths is over

It is intellectually inconsistent to preach about a disruptive, billion-dollar vision and imagine it as being free from regulatory considerations. It fascinates me how often entrepreneurs lack a basic grounding in the regulatory hurdles they may face. Hemant Tajena, 'The era of move fast and break things is over'

The web can no longer be a career choice for people who want to work in a field where there are no obligations, no ethics, no rules, and no constraints.

The introduction of obligations, ethics, rules, and constraints into the web can no longer be a call to victimhood, persecution complexes, and martyrdom.

The veneration of internal terms of service and ethics washing as a substitute for regulatory education, legislative cooperation, and professional governance is dead on arrival.

And the veneration of our origin myths – the visions of a Cyberspace home of Mind, free of the tyranny of flesh and steel – shows them up for the drug-addled ramblings that they were.

If you don’t believe that the code, the projects, and the people you ship into the world should work within a space defined by obligations, ethics, rules, and constraints, you’re not a visionary, an innovator, or an influencer. You’re a sociopath.