Month: July 2019

The missing pieces: teaching the legal side of web development


In June I attended the Web Teaching Day unconference, an annual gathering of educators bringing up the next generation of web professionals, at MMU in Manchester. Run by Richard Eskins and Derren Wilson, the unconference is a day of exchanging perspectives, ideas, and opportunities about the ways that web design and development are taught. It’s a casual, convivial, and very sweary day in good company.

A Glaswegian and a Norwegian walk into a trolley problem


Writing for the web is part of the job, but writing for something you can hold in your hands is special. This one definitely hits the target. The first ever print issue of Smashing Magazine is shipping worldwide any day now. A deep dive into privacy and ethics, it includes a provocation piece Morten Rand-Hendriksen and I wrote on ethics washing.