A Glaswegian and a Norwegian walk into a trolley problem

Writing for the web is part of the job, but writing for something you can hold in your hands is special. This one definitely hits the target.

The first ever print issue of Smashing Magazine is shipping worldwide any day now. A deep dive into privacy and ethics, it includes a provocation piece Morten Rand-Hendriksen and I wrote on ethics washing. If you’ve ever sat through my talks on privacy and Morten’s talks on ethics, our article is the sweet spot between the two: a reminder that the concepts of privacy and ethics are being misinterpreted across our sector every day. We hope our piece challenges readers to do the right thing.

The issue has been ably curated by Rachel Andrew, illustrated by Veerle Pieters, and features articles by Laura Kalbag, Vitaly Friedman, Trine Falbe, Stuart Langridge, and Cenyyd Bowles.

We also did a livestream chat about the topics we raised in the issue. It was fun.

You can order your copy here.

Illustration from our article