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Some personal news: I’m absolutely delighted to be joining Open Rights Group, the UK’s fearless digital rights organisation, as their Policy Manager.

My remit will straddle the border. Here in Scotland, I will tackle the devolved, reserved, and post-European digital policy agenda for the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections. I’ll also liaise with ORG’s Scottish local group organisers, as well as the wider Scottish civil society community, on events, campaigns, and legislative engagement for the elections (and whatever follows).

Across the UK, I will support ORG’s policy portfolio on freedom of expression, the right to privacy, effective regulators and regulatory standards, and the unintended consequences of legislation. We’ll focus on the online harms bill, digital identity, defamation reform, police use of technology, private and public sector abuses of privacy, the post-Brexit trade deals, and – I hear ya, Privacy Twitter – the effectiveness of the UK’s data protection regulator.

After eight months of pottering around the house, I cannot wait to get back into the fight, and the new role commences immediately. This role requires my full-time attention, so I have laid down all my freelance consultancy work, and won’t be taking on any more. I will continue playing with my side projects, and my privacy book, and the odd personal blog post here, of course.

ORG’s work relies on you, so if you are not already a member, please join today. As an individual, you can support us for as little as £6 a month. Just for fun, I’d love to use this blog post as my first fundraising activity, so if you join because you read this, let me know.

If your digital business works in the UK (I’m looking at you, WP ecosystem), please consider company sponsorship as well. These start from £200 per year. Same challenge applies!

Huge thanks to my new partner in crime Matthew Rice, to the ORG team for the warm welcome, to Javier Ruiz for setting the standard to follow, to the Scottish Tech Policy Mafia for the knuckle dusters, to Dom Hallas and Coadec for the past year and a half, and to my personal Conseil d’Etat (you know who you are) for being there for me.

Click boom.

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