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After a long cold lonely winter, I’m delighted to join Scotland’s own MaidSafe as their Head of Policy and Governance.

The role is a perfect fit for me at a perfect time for the company. I’m tasked with ensuring that the Safe Network project is sustained with the transparent and accountable governance that its open source community deserves. I’ll also be speaking up for MaidSafe as a British tech startup, focused on privacy and freedom of expression, at a time when the UK government is determined to make life as difficult as possible for people who believe in all three of those things. Along the way, I’ll work to ensure the project places ethics, inclusion, and digital rights front and centre.

The MaidSafe team, and the Safe Network community, have already made me feel valued and welcome before the job even begins. The fact that MaidSafe is a local Scottish business, two years into a plague which has kept me, well, very local and Scottish, is an almost unbelievable bonus.

As with my previous capacity, this is a full-time role; I’m no longer taking on outside or freelance work, or doing writing gigs. The role does mark a return to my work supporting open source communities, following 2020’s retirement; but this work will be carried out on behalf of a much healthier project community than my previous endeavours.

But don’t worry; I will, of course, continue to blog here in a strictly personal capacity, in exactly the way you’ve come to expect. Strap in.

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