Announcement: I’m an Internet Society Mid-Career Fellow


I‘ve been bursting to share this news and finally I can. I am incredibly honoured to be one of only 15 people worldwide selected for the inaugural cohort of the Internet Society’s Mid-Career Fellowship programme.

The programme is a seven-month masterclass in technical, strategic, and policy leadership, taught across disciplines and perspectives, and led by educators spanning four continents. The cohort consists of 15 amazing professionals from 13 countries and the entire span of the planet, and I’m humbled to spend time with them every week.

I’m hoping that the course, and its teachings, help to benefit my day job in the short term, my open web advocacy in the long term, and my ways of looking at the world for as long as I have left in it.

What I can say is that only three weeks into the programme, I’ve already had that “oh yes, these are my people” feeling, and that’s something that doesn’t come along often. But when it does come, you know.

You can read more about the programme here, and have a nosey at the curriculum here.

Don’t worry, I’m not chucking anything to do the course. All of this is being done on my own time; I’ve still got the day job and the upcoming book release too, and balancing all three over the next few months is, let’s face it, a pretty good problem to have.

Thanks to the Internet Society for this opportunity; it’s not hyperbole to say that this is a life-changing one, and for that I’ll be ever grateful.

We now return to our normally scheduled blog dystopia.

The Author

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