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What will a Brexit mean for EU digital laws?


For an entire site on digital legislation and Brexit, please visit my side blog at https://afterbrexit.tech. As the referendum on EU membership approaches on 23 June I find myself being asked many variations on one question: “If the UK leaves the EU what will it mean for digital laws?” The simple answer to that question is: it will mean sweet F.A. Sometimes the question is phrased as “If the UK leaves the EU, does that […]

Brexit for geeks: a briefing for digital professionals


Today Theresa May has pulled the trigger to begin the process of withdrawing the UK from the European Union. (This is likely to lead to Scottish independence and the reunification of Ireland, thereby ending the United Kingdom and reducing England and Wales to an atrophied rump, but we’ll deal with that another day.) We have had nine months to digest what Brexit will mean for the digital industries and for those of us working in […]