The speculative fiction novel I want to read this year

Some of 2021's reads

If you work in tech policy and you don’t have a shelf full of speculative fiction, you’re doing the job wrong. It’s writers and authors, not lawyers and academics, who truly understand how technology and policy interact. The scenarios they imagine show us where technology might lead, and how the decisions we make about the uses of that technology might hasten the journey.

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World-leading internet diplomacy, or perhaps not

UK policy
Image of a woman holding her finger to her mouth to indicate: be quiet

I‘m a fan of the Lawfare podcast’s “Arbiters of Truth” series. The latest episode  was on the Russian government’s recent moves against foreign social media providers. These moves have included forcing app stores to remove apps run by the political opposition, threatening to block social media sites which permit political dissent at ISP level, threatening to fine sites which do not take down politically contentious speech fast enough, and demanding that foreign companies designate an in-country representative to be arrested in the event of noncompliance.

Obviously that should sound familiar to you, because all of that and more is on the table here in the UK in our own approach to internet regulation. Read More