Your cut-and-keep guide to the “unregulated wild west internet”

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UK policy

At least once a month, the policy sphere has to put up with another round of politicians banging the table about the internet being an “unregulated wild west.” The trope prevails because many groups deliberately adopt it as a campaigning tactic. They find a sympathetic politician, whisper in their ear that the internet is an “unregulated wild west” and tell them that they – THEY – could be the swashbuckling sheriff riding in to be the hero. Grandiose statements are made. Political egos are stroked. Campaigns meet their KPIs. Rinse and repeat. Read More

Techdirt Podcast: Intermediary liability law is not a social safety net

UK policy

I went on the Techdirt podcast to discuss the recent push, by governments and media alike, to scapegoat intermediary liability law where social safety nets have failed. I discussed the UK’s upcoming online harms framework as an example of a government unabashedly seeking to do just that, instead of mending the societal infrastructure it is wholly responsible for stripping to the bone.

Why Generation X will save the web

Screen cap of the Lynx text browser

I like to make things as difficult for myself as possible, so first, I decided to become an independent-minded female immigrant in a parochial and patriarchal nation; then, when that got boring, I decided to become a woman in tech, where I found myself giving conference talks to rooms of professionals who could, technically and biologically, be my grown adult children.

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