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Because everyone is entitled to my opinion.

How to create a world as age appropriate as apple pie


One of the many problems I have with the UK government’s determination to build an “age appropriate” internet that will be the “safest place in the world to be online” is that this goal is entirely subjective and inachievable. It attempts to create internet regulation through undefined emotive rhetoric. A tweet conversation this morning has spurred me to pour a cup of tea and share this story about what happens when “age appropriate” is allowed […]

On speaker travel expenses, or, why enough is enough


A couple of months ago my life fell apart in a morning. Being self-employed, I had two figures in the bank, which wasn’t enough to be able to afford a train ticket to safety; a kind soul bought me one. On that train to a safe place, still very much in shock, I put up a donation form and tweeted it. The funds that came in were literally the difference between having a roof over […]