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Press coverage: Google Brexits

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I spoke with Business Insider about the political context behind Google’s decision to move UK accounts out of the EU’s jurisdiction. I also spoke with TechCrunch about the issue from a slightly different angle. One of my tweets about the issue was retweeted by Neil Gaiman, who now owes me a new phone battery.

A Glaswegian and a Norwegian walk into a trolley problem


Writing for the web is part of the job, but writing for something you can hold in your hands is special. This one definitely hits the target. The first ever print issue of Smashing Magazine is shipping worldwide any day now. A deep dive into privacy and ethics, it includes a provocation piece Morten Rand-Hendriksen and I wrote on ethics washing.

Lessons from the road: raising awareness of data protection and privacy in open source projects


In late November I was honoured to be asked to speak at the annual conference of the National Association of Data Protection Officers in London. My slides are available to view here. I was the only non-lawyer on the schedule, and also the only one with no employer or backing institution. For once, I did not mind being the edge case. The audience was full-time salaried data protection professionals, mostly based in central London, and […]