A Glaswegian and a Norwegian walk into a trolley problem

Writing for the web is part of the job, but writing for something you can hold in your hands is special. This one definitely hits the target.

The first ever print issue of Smashing Magazine is shipping worldwide any day now. A deep dive into privacy and ethics, it includes a provocation piece Morten Rand-Hendriksen and I wrote on ethics washing.

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The elephant in the room

I run a workshop for developers and digital leaders on how to build privacy into projects on the governance, project, and code levels. I was meant to return to PHP Yorkshire this weekend to run it as a half-day course. I’ll be staying home instead.

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Announcement: Mozilla Open Leaders

Mozilla logo

On #PrivacyDay #DataProtectionDay 2019, I am honoured to announce that I have been selected as a Mozilla Open Leader for my work in support of the cross-CMS privacy working group.

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