Check your privacy privilege.

If you are a full time privacy professional in law or academia, understand that one of your fundamental beliefs about online privacy is wrong.

The biggest threat to children’s privacy

Yesterday I had the misfortune of discovering an appalling violation of children’s privacy rights: a piece of keylogging stalkerware being sold as a “safeguarding” tool for parents, packaged in a hysterical scare story about sexting.

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Press coverage: Google Brexits

I spoke with Business Insider about the political context behind Google’s decision to move UK accounts out of the EU’s jurisdiction. I also spoke with TechCrunch about the issue from … Read more

A Smashing talk and my big announcement

Book mock-up

This month I was honoured to speak at Smashing Conference Freiburg in Germany, where I closed out the event with a talk about developing privacy-conscious projects. You can view the … Read more

A Glaswegian and a Norwegian walk into a trolley problem

Writing for the web is part of the job, but writing for something you can hold in your hands is special. This one definitely hits the target.

The first ever print issue of Smashing Magazine is shipping worldwide any day now. A deep dive into privacy and ethics, it includes a provocation piece Morten Rand-Hendriksen and I wrote on ethics washing.

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Quoted in The Register

Heather Burns, an internet law expert who helps firms work towards compliance, said that GDPR has drawn a stark line in the sand between certain kinds of businesses. “It’s made … Read more