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Recent UK government policies, consultations, and controversies related to digital and tech. For insight into UK tech policy throughout the Brexit process, visit my side blog at

The Recovery Roadmap

UK policy

I was honoured to be asked to write this report on the UK Tech Cluster Group’s Recovery Roadmap summit, ably supported by the UKTCG leadership team, showcasing their policy recommendations to support the tech sector’s role in the post-COVID recovery.

The Startup Manifesto

UK policy

I was delighted to contribute to The Entrepreneurs Network and Coadec’s joint 2019 General Election manifesto, where we set forth our policy ideas for the next government. My contributions, as always, were around internet regulation.

What you need to know about a No Deal Brexit

Brexit / UK policy

I didn’t think we’d be here, but here we are. In my capacity as a Policy Fellow at COADEC, the tech policy body for the UK’s tech startups, I have written a plain-English guide for tech and digital businesses to use to prepare for a No Deal Brexit. While the guidance is aimed at startups and scaleups, the advice is applicable to all tech businesses regardless of where they are on their journey.

Named Persons II: Scotland’s next mass civilian database

UK policy

Last week I was chatting with some rather cracking professional digital rights activists. The conversation included my attempt to get them, from their London/English perspective, to understand the different cultural approach to mass data collection and databases that we live with here in Scotland. All too often, data collection projects which would be seen as violations of privacy, data protection, and the right to private life anywhere else are seen as “unquestionably legitimate and benign” […]

The UK Government Digital Strategy is out, and it’s rubbish

UK policy

On 28 February the UK Government published its Government Digital Strategy. (A mea culpa first. I had confused the Government Transformation Strategy, the internal blueprint for Whitehall digital, with the external strategy. I suspect I was not the only one, given how obstructive the government has been in the fifteen months it fluffed excuses.) That being said, I can tell you that the Government Digital Strategy – the document focusing on the external big picture […]