Hire me to consult

Understanding digital regulations, and the compliance obligations they place onto your work, can be an uphill battle. For that reason I consult with web professionals, digital agencies, organisations, business owners, and bloggers on a range of digital policy issues.

“The laws are so ridiculous that they’re making our translators laugh in the booth” – WordCamp Europe 2015

Much of the advice out there is written by solicitors, for solicitors, with frighteningly little relevance to practical implementation. Other “advice” is written to sell software or fulfil a political agenda. Still other guidance – even the information used within official circles and academia – is woefully outdated and counterproductive. I can help you to separate the signal from the noise in order to gain a healthy regard for the law and understand the right way to comply.

When it comes to digital regulations, it’s important to remember that compliance is often a matter of satisfying a checklist. Doing the right thing – be it for privacy, accessibility, or e-commerce – goes far beyond box ticking. I can help you to cross the bridge from compliance to excellence.

You may wish to hire me to:

  • Offer advice when digital laws – as they all too often do – come into conflict with each other
  • Hire me to run a workshop for digital professionals in your city about current compliance issues
  • Advise your government agency on the best way forward during the consultative phase
  • Help your organisation to submit a formal response to a government consultation on digital law
  • Have me conduct a workshop with your legal team on how a law’s implementation works on the screen/code level
  • Brief your company on legal developments and upcoming changes
  • Provide professional expertise for your research, reports, or policy briefings

Owing to GDPR I am fully booked until July 2018.