Digital Single Market

What’s changing

One of the many questions left unanswered in the face of Brexit is the future of the UK within the Digital Single Market (DSM), the EU’s strategy for creating a continent-wide playing field for growth and innovation.

Why you need to know

The Digital Single Market strategy establishes the ground rules for online business in Europe across a variety of areas ranging from taxation to copyright to online privacy.

What will it mean for you

  • A hard Brexit, and withdrawal from the DSM, will greatly increase the difficulties UK businesses have trading online in Europe.
  • A lack of clarity on the UK’s future in the DSM also means that the UK risks losing the parts of the strategy which have been implemented into domestic legislation with no clear answers on what, if any, non-EU replacement legislation might take its place.
  • Finally, as much of the DSM is extraterritorial, UK businesses will still be subject to many of these rules post-Brexit, but the UK will lose its seat at the table and its right to have a say in what these rules look like.

Where to learn more

The amount of information required to monitor the progress of the DSM throughout the Brexit process required its own web site. You can visit it at