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2018 saw vital progress achieved in raising awareness of privacy issues across open source teams. It’s been a privilege to be involved in many aspects of this work across ecosystems, and to help lay the groundwork for new cross-project initiatives. Over the next few months – which takes us neatly to the Brexit deadline and a new kind of workload – I would like to continue this work across projects, areas, and even countries.

However, privacy and user protection, both as a principle and as a policy matter, are not priorities for companies working in the open source space. For that reason, I’ve sadly been unable to succeed in securing funding for my time on the work from any agency or hosting company working on the open web. Without any form of funding support for the work or income from an employer, I’m looking at having to walk away from it all. That doesn’t change the fact that this work is important and it needs to be done.

So I’m opening it up to crowdfunding to help me keep the work going.

Your support will allow me to continue the work I’ve started, including my ability to:

  • Contribute to the development and governance of a cross-CMS open source privacy initiative
  • Contribute my time and labour to the core privacy team and its V2 roadmap
  • Contribute to growing work in Drupal and Joomla! on privacy issues
  • Increase cooperation with the corporate privacy sector, including data protection and legal professionals, with a view towards gaining support for open source privacy initiatives
  • Work with open source teams to help them incorporate privacy and user protection into governance structures, project values, and development guidelines
  • Conduct a formal research analysis of the numerous draft US privacy laws, as well as proposed corporate standards and codes, to ascertain the tools and functionality which open source privacy teams will need to develop throughout 2019
  • Monitor the development of the EU ePrivacy Directive revamp ahead of its finalisation for the same reason
  • Monitor the increasingly worrying shape of data flows from the UK after Brexit, especially given the risks of a “no deal” and de facto cutoff of data sharing
  • Work on behalf of open source privacy teams to respond to consultations and requests for comment on draft privacy legislation
  • Devise new conference talks for new audiences
  • Cover travel and accommodation expenses to WordCamp Europe
  • Acquire an IAPP membership for professional development and support
  • Pay the rent, food, heat, taxes, and that kind of thing

Please give a one-off donation here to support my work on open source privacy. I will not use your details for any purpose other than to email you a monthly update of how the work is progressing.

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