Support my work on open source privacy

I contribute to several open source software projects and privacy initiatives, including the WordPress core-privacy team, the cross-CMS privacy working group, and the projects which participate in it.

Unlike most open source contributions, privacy work is not sponsored or funded by any companies working in OSS ecosystems. I receive no funding, sponsorship, or wage for any of my time, labour, or contributions. As a freelancer, I do not have a salary providing me with a regular source of income to support that work.

Policy monitoring on privacy legislation and related issues, direct contributions, and office hours/admin typically take around 10 hours per week. During busy times (new legislation, for example) this can approach 20 hours per week. Travel and accommodation costs to open source conferences are not sponsored either, which means that speakers and contributors are expected to cover them out of pocket.

All of this means I rely on support from community members who care about privacy – so that I in turn can give the time to support them.

That being said, I have removed the donations form which used to reside on this web site. It should not be my responsibility to grovel for public support from the teams that I serve, so that I can continue to serve them, because the projects we work on – which increasingly are led by individuals who are salaried, through corporate capture, to “contribute” 100% of their time to open source – cannot and will not work through issues of contributor time and equity.

If you would like to support my work, whether that takes the form of sponsoring my time or covering conference travel and accommodation expenses, please contact me privately.