Here we go again: you have 24 hours to stop a “link tax” from entering European legislation

UPDATE 9 JULY, from Julia Reda: “Parliament today also rejected a renewed attempt from German conservative MEPs to pave the way for an ancillary copyright for press publishers. This should be the final blow to the idea of introducing at the European level a law to cross-finance news publishers which has already failed spectacularly in Germany and Spain.”

Well done everyone!

You might recall the recent debate in a European Parliament committee which threatened the right to create links to any content you wanted. The final Committee vote is tomorrow, Thursday 9 July. While the worst of the nonsense was killed off in last month’s discussions, sadly, a few legislative zombies have arisen and are making another charge at the target. If successful, their move could cause internet users like you and me to incur a link tax or a “snippet tax” on the content we have linked to – and wouldn’t certain media conglomerates just love that?

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